Toyota Motorsport Group takes Nürburgring crown


TMG take a second off Nordschleife fastest lap

The fastest electric car around the ‘Ring no longer sports a lion on the nose, as today Toyota Motorsport Group (TMG) smashed Peugeot’s lap record on the Nordschleife.

The Radical-based TMG EV P001 lapped the 20.8km circuit in just 7 minutes 47.794 seconds – over a minute quicker than Peugeot’s time of 9m 1.338s. Achieved on road-legal tyres and on a cool track, driver Jochen Krumbach easily met the team’s aim of breaking the 8 minute barrier. The video below shows the full lap on-board the record-breaking car.

TMG’s Director Business Operations, Rob Leupen said: “This is a very impressive achievement which really shows the huge potential for electric powertrains to deliver fast, exciting action on the race track. There’s no doubt that electric motorsport can be every bit as thrilling as traditional racing and it was an amazing sensation to watch the TMG electric vehicle fly past on the Nordschleife, with only the sound of wind rushing past and tyres squealing. To achieve a new lap record at the first attempt, and by such a huge margin, is a great achievement and I am very proud to see TMG’s name in the record books. But this is not the end of the story for TMG and I hope we will see our electric powertrains in action on the track again soon.”

Project Leader Alistair Moffitt spoke to us last week to explain the rationale behind the record attempt: “TMG has been involved in electric vehicle technology since 2007 when we first began work on our KERS system for Formula 1. In that time we have expanded and enriched our capabilities to cover complete electric drivetrains. In our opinion, TMG’s high-performance electric powertrains are ideal for a future motorsport series and we wait with interest to see what championships will emerge in the near future. It is particularly interesting to see the FIA proposing a Formula E championship and this would be a good fit for TMG’s powertrain technology.

“This is a tremendously exciting project because it will demonstrate that electric powertrain technology has reached a stage now which puts true electric motorsport within reach. We are talking about serious racing cars which deliver both emotion and high performance; we are challenging some preconceived notions of electric vehicles.”

Pascal Vasselon, TMG’s Technical Director, said: “The goals for this project were twofold: obviously we wanted to set a new EV lap record and I am very pleased we could achieve that so comprehensively. On the other hand, we also wanted to learn more about the operation of our electric powertrain in extreme circumstances; in motorsport there is no more extreme circuit than the Nürburgring. On the record lap the TMG EV P001 performed better than in testing due to the improvement we already could make based on that experience. We have enhanced our electric powertrain development thanks to the information our engineers have gained and our future EV products will benefit from this project.”

Congratulations to the team on this fantastic achievement; I’m personally hoping it spurs the Toyota group into supporting a fully fledged electric race team in future. Who wouldn’t like to see them take the WRC fight to Citroën with an electric rally car?

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  1. Well done Toyota, it’s nice to see a different approach to record breaking runs at the nurburgring Nordschleife.